Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today was a GOOD DAY!!!!

Today Dad went to the Drs. and receive some pretty good news!!!!!! He will have to continue with chemo, but he can be home the whole time!!!!! This time around it won't be near as bad as the last. He goes in every week and gets a very small shot of chemo and then he heads right back home!!!! Can I get a woot woot!!!! The Drs. told him that he won't be near as sick and that he can even go up to the mountains and camp if he wants. We are so excited!!!!! No one ever gets better sitting around in a hospital. Home is where we all feel better, surrounded by family that we love!!!! He still has been warned to not be around alot of people, purely for precautionary measures. His immune system is shot!!! But we take alot of comfort in knowing that he will be where he feels the best------ in his home!!!! We love you Dad!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not so Good News :(

We received some not so good news today. Dad went to the Dr's. office to check the levels in his blood. To say the least the results were a little discouraging. It looks like he will have to under go another round of chemo followed by another stem cell transplant. We are all a little down about the news, mainly due to the fact we hate to see him so sick. It is unfortunate that they basically have to kill you in order to keep you living. We were holding on to a "perfect brightness of hope" that he would only have to have one round, but it just wasn't in the cards. The Dr's. did inform him that it ususally takes two rounds to completely dissolve the cancer.

On a brighter note, we feel extremely blessed that we have been able to spend a little more time with him lately. Last Sunday morning, my kids woke up, called Grandpa, and before you knew it they were down there eating breakfast. It says alot about a man, who is probably going through one of the biggest trials of his life, and he still has time for the little ones. He has attended school programs, ball games (he watched from the car), and loves to sit outside and just watch them play. The Grandkids really miss their best friend when he is out of commission.

On a even brighter note, over the last few months Dad has lost over 65 lbs. (not a recommended diet plan), but he is looking pretty good.

Thanks to our Dad on Father's Day for continuing a good fight, keeping the faith, and showing the rest of us what really matters is family!!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

bALd iS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, He is home again!!!! Dad had a little set back over the weekend. He was severly dehydrated, his sugar dropped to a critical level, and he went back to what has become his home away from home (the hospital). But the man is tough as nails and it seems he can beat anything. We are glad he is back home and with us. He did come home with a shining new hair do. I just can't believe how good bald looks on him. Some people look good no matter what!!! He is not supposed to have visitors, but he would love to hear from you!!! Drop him a comment or give him a call!!!! Dad loves people in his home and everyone is treated like a friend there!!!! It is definitely his grandchildrens favorite place to be, and not being able to be there everyday has been as hard on them as it has been on Dad. If there was an award for the best grandpa in the world, he would get it!!!!! He is loved by his grandchildren and they need him here for as long as our Heavenly Father will allow it!!!!