Thursday, June 3, 2010

bALd iS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, He is home again!!!! Dad had a little set back over the weekend. He was severly dehydrated, his sugar dropped to a critical level, and he went back to what has become his home away from home (the hospital). But the man is tough as nails and it seems he can beat anything. We are glad he is back home and with us. He did come home with a shining new hair do. I just can't believe how good bald looks on him. Some people look good no matter what!!! He is not supposed to have visitors, but he would love to hear from you!!! Drop him a comment or give him a call!!!! Dad loves people in his home and everyone is treated like a friend there!!!! It is definitely his grandchildrens favorite place to be, and not being able to be there everyday has been as hard on them as it has been on Dad. If there was an award for the best grandpa in the world, he would get it!!!!! He is loved by his grandchildren and they need him here for as long as our Heavenly Father will allow it!!!!


Holly said...

Thanks so much for the update!! Yes!! Sid, you may be starting a new trend in hairstyles!! How do you think it would look on ME??? After this Pre-Trek tomorrow and this thick mop... I just may GO FOR IT!! Braden says NO. LOL! We'll see what kind of mood I'm in.

You are always in our prayers!! Love the PIX!! =D

Nett said...

Some men can do Bald well, Sid is definitely one of them! Very well. You are fighting this with grace and tenacity, I am in awe. You are in my prayers!

All my best to you,

Deena said...

I love to hear the positive updates. It makes my day! When Sidnie prays in primary she spends half the prayer asking for your recovery. Now, I know that everyone's praying for you daily, but I always get a lump in my throat when sweet little Sidnie prays because it's always so sincere. It doesn't sound repetitious and it's so filled with love. Hang in there Sid! There are so many people pulling for you. The little people (I would wager) are the most influential with our Heavenly Father. Since you've already won them over then you're in good hands! Love to both you and Jerry!

houseofgirlsandjohn said...

I agree with the baldness, I think we should all be bald. Think how much time and money we would save:) We are so happy to hear that you are still doing well on your road to recovery. We miss seeing both of you and pray for a full recovery! We love U!

flybybry said...

You look good Sid. We are praying for you.

Julie said...

Everyday I'm reminded of how much you are loved. Not a day has gone by in the Nursery that someone wants me to wish you their best.
...you kind of remind Rick of Howard W. Hunter with your new look. That's better than looking like Yoda don't you think.
Thanks for the opportunity to be working at the Nursery.

Diann said...

So happy that you are home and doing better!! I was worried when I saw you pull away last Sunday!! I had to text Rhonda to make sure you were okay!!! We are so glad to have you home, you Handsome Devil you!!! Take Care!! We Love You Guys!!!

Katie B said...

Love you guys and you're always in our prayers!
Sid... you're lookin quite sexy! :)